What is Liposuction?

An unhealthy diet or genetic susceptibility may cause the accumulation of excess fat in the body leading to stubborn fat pockets in certain areas like the lower abdomen, hips, arms, chin, neck, back, or outer thighs. For many individuals, exercise and diet do not help get rid of this stubborn fat, and Liposuction in Houston can help. Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that removes stubborn fat from various body parts. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction in Houston?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to remove troublesome fat deposits and sculpt the body to a better-contoured, slimmer look. You may be an ideal candidate for liposuction and body contouring in Houston, at our premier plastic surgery center if you:

  • Have troublesome fat deposits that are not responsive to exercise and diet
  • Have good skin tone and elasticity
  • Have maintained a Body Mass Index of under 30
  • Are near your ideal body weight goal
  • Are active and want to achieve a more sculpted physical appearance

Dr. Arroyo reminds his patients that liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss and does not tackle excess loose skin. During your liposuction consultation at his Houston office, he will listen to your concerns, examine your body, and let you know whether this procedure is for you. 

What are the Different Types of Liposuction?

Dr. Arroyo performs the top liposuction in Houston. He can perform a range of procedure options depending on the requirements of the patient and the goals of the surgery:

  • Traditional lipo – this is the procedure that comes to mind when most people think of liposuction. Dr. Arroyo will make an incision in the targeted area and use a special device known as a cannula to remove excess fat. Most patients tend to experience significant pain and bruising during recovery. As a result, this traditional approach has been replaced with modern techniques.
  • Tumescent lipo – also referred to as Suction Assisted Lipectomy, is a safer and easier procedure. The surgeon will first inject a tumescent fluid (including saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine) that preps fat in the targeted area. This particular fluid is used to minimize tissue trauma and blood loss during treatment. Dr. Arroyo will then make an inconspicuous incision and insert a cannula to suction fat cells out of the problem area. 
  • Power-assisted lipo – in this type of liposuction, the surgeon will use a unique vibrating device that easily breaks down and suctions large volumes of fat tissues. This allows for a smoother and easier fat removal procedure.
  • Ultrasound-assisted lipo – the surgeon will use an ultrasonic device that vibrates very rapidly and gives off ultrasound energy, helping break and separate fat before it is suctioned out of the body.
  • Energy-assisted lipo – the surgeon may use laser energy, heat energy, or sound waves to aid the fat removal process. The energy heats up and liquefies the fat cells in the targeted treatment area making it easier to suction unwanted fat cells. This procedure also stimulates skin retraction for a more effective procedure outcome.

Dr. Arroyo will take you through each of these treatment methods during one of your pre-op consultations. Depending on your problem areas and expectations, the surgeon will recommend the best way to achieve your goals.

Top liposuction areas to address

Liposuction in Houston can help to sculpt and contour multiple regions of the body, including the buttocks, love handles, upper arms, belly, hips, bra rolls, lower back, chin, neck, male chest, thighs, and even the calves and knees. The fat can be removed for good, or it can be stored for a fat transfer down the line to enhance an area that has lost its volume due to aging, weight loss, or pregnancy. Dr. Arroyo will help create the ideal treatment plan for your aesthetic goals, lifestyle, and comfort levels.

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Benefits of liposuction 

Liposuction is a safe, effective procedure for slimming one’s curves and permanently removing stubborn fat that rarely responds to workouts. When patients feel better about their bodies, they typically engage more physically, elevating their quality of life. Self-confidence is maximized, while wardrobe choices are expanded. Finally, one of the best benefits of liposuction is that it can be well-combined with almost any surgical procedure for the face or body, enhancing and refining your outcome.

Dr. Arroyo’s Approach to Liposuction in Houston

Dr. Christian Arroyo performs liposuction surgery to give his patients the well-contoured, aesthetically pleasing physique they have always wanted. At his in-office operating room or accredited healthcare facilities, we offer body contouring in Houston and various other liposuction procedures.

His office is composed of a highly professional support staff who love what they do and are committed to patient safety and well-being. If you are looking for some of the best liposuction Houston has to offer, contact Dr. Arroyo’s office today.

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Body Contouring in Houston with Liposuction 

Body contouring can be achieved with various different types of treatments. However, the gold standard is liposuction. Body contouring with liposuction achieves a slimmer, more sculpted physique, and can be used to define the muscles and contour the waistline, thighs, tummy, and many other areas. Depending on which areas you would like to slim down and smooth, Dr. Christian Arroyo helps you achieve the attractive, appealing, physique you’ve always wanted, with body contouring in Houston. 

Liposuction for men 

While many men follow a strict diet and exercise regimen to ensure an attractive physique, it may not always be possible to achieve one’s desired results when it comes to tackling stubborn pockets of localized fat. Today, more men than ever are turning to the benefits of liposuction to trim, sculpt, and rejuvenate their bodies. The most popular treatment areas are the chest, abdomen, love handles, and buttocks. Dr. Arroyo will create a personalized treatment plan that restores balance and proportion.

Dr. Arroyo’s
Sedation Method

During liposuction, Dr. Christian Arroyo uses the Total Intravenous Sedation (TIVA) method. It is considered to be generally safer as it allows the patient to breathe independently during surgery. Patients also do not suffer from side effects such as nausea and vomiting and pain associated with general anesthesia. Once you are prepped for surgery, the surgeon’s team will administer a specific type of intravenous sedation known as Desuvia. This is accompanied by an oral medication that many liposuction patients find to be very comfortable and preferable. TIVA utilizes less medication and has lower chances of resulting in anesthesia side effects such as respiratory depression. When considering your options for body contouring in Houston, this is just one more reason you should come see Dr. Arroyo for your procedure.

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Liposuction results

Liposuction in Houston can provide the shapely, sculpted physique you desire, improving your self-image and allowing you to enjoy a broader range of clothing options. After liposuction, there are several important things you can do to ensure a steady, stress-free healing process. Wearing a compression garment in the treated region will help reduce swelling, mitigate discomfort, and secure your newly remodeled shape. Patients typically wear the compression garment around the clock for up to two weeks. 

Liposuction aftercare

After surgery, you’ll need to watch your diet and drink ample fluids to stay hydrated. This will also help to offset the swelling. Avoiding weight fluctuations will help preserve your cosmetic results. Light walking after surgery is encouraged, as this will stimulate your circulation, reduce the risk of blood clots, and elevate your mood. Strenuous exercise can be resumed within 4-6 weeks.

Plan Your Liposuction Surgery 

Dr. Christian Arroyo performs liposuction in Houston in his in-office operating room, supported by highly qualified nursing staff. The cost of liposuction in Houston, Texas, can vary significantly from one patient to another, depending on the extensiveness of the treatment. Most of Dr. Arroyo’s patients can expect to pay between $6,000 and $8,000 for this cosmetic treatment. Health insurance companies typically do not cover liposuction because it is considered an elective cosmetic procedure (and not a medical necessity). During your initial liposuction consultation with Dr. Arroyo, the surgeon’s team will provide a cost estimate so you can arrange for financing.

Liposuction FAQ

Are the results of liposuction permanent?

Will I have visible scars?

Can liposuction help weight loss?

Are the results of liposuction permanent?

The goal of liposuction is to address stubborn pockets of fat that have not improved with diet and exercise. To get the most out of this procedure, Dr. Arroyo recommends that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Keep in mind that gaining weight will lead to an increase in fat, negatively impacting your liposuction and perhaps even making it necessary to have another procedure in the future.

Will I have visible scars?

Scars are an inevitable consequence of any surgical procedure where the skin is cut. At Dr. Arroyo's office in Houston, liposuction is performed employing his advanced surgical skills to ensure that incisions are minimal and concealed. Many of the his liposuction patients are happy with this outcome and are not worried about scarring.

Can liposuction help weight loss?

According to the surgeon, liposuction should not be a substitute for weight loss but instead eliminates troublesome fat tissues from the body. One also needs to have an ideal weight to be considered a good candidate for this procedure.

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