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Many people struggle with sagging skin on their thighs. This is often due to significant weight loss or the natural aging process. Thigh lift – also referred to as thighplasty – is a procedure to address this concern in which plastic surgeons remove excess skin from the inside and the outside of the thighs and tighten the underlying tissue.

Am I a Candidate?

You may be an ideal candidate for a thigh lift in Houston if:

  • You are in good physical and emotional health
  • You are frustrated with loose skin and soft tissue in the inner or outer thigh region.
  • You experience disco and thigh region due to excess skin or fat
  • You are dissatisfied with the overall appearance of your thighs
  • You are near your ideal weight goal
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcome of this treatment.

Dr. Christian Arroyo specializes in performing thigh lifts, providing his patients with a well-contoured lower body silhouette. During your thigh lift consultation with Dr. Arroyo, he will listen to your concerns, examine your problem areas, and let you know if this procedure is right for you. 

Types of Thigh Lift Procedures

Dr. Arroyo offers a variety of thigh lift procedure options depending on the needs of the patient and the goals of the surgery:

Mini thigh lift

This is a minimalistic procedure used to reduce skin sagging in the upper part of the inner thigh. Rather than tighten the entire thigh, the surgeon will focus on a small portion of the upper thigh. This procedure is better suited for patients looking to address a minimal amount of skin or fat from their upper inner thighs. It results in a slimmer, smoother appearance with minimal dents and bumps. There is very minimal recovery downtime required after a mini thigh lift, and most patients can resume full activity within two weeks.

Outer/lateral thigh lift

This procedure option addresses excess skin and fat from the outer area of the thigh. Plastic surgeons often perform this type of thigh lift to remove loose skin caused by excess weight in the buttock and waist area. An incision will be made around your waist and used to bring up and secure sagging skin at the hip bone. This leads to a smoother, tighter appearance that is free from dimples and ripples. Dr. Arroyo recommends this technique for patients looking for more extensive improvements in their thighs and around their lower body.

Vertical thigh lift

This type of thigh lift may be ideal for men or women who have excess skin stretching all-around their thigh. The surgeon will focus on reducing excess skin throughout the middle and lower sections of the thigh. Because this is a more extensive procedure, a larger incision is required, and there is a longer period of recovery downtime. A vertical thigh lift is best suited for patients who need to address substantial amounts of excess skin.

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Your Thigh Lift With Dr. Arroyo

Thigh lifts are performed at Dr. Arroyo’s West Houston in-office operating room on an outpatient basis. Once sedation has been administered, he will make an incision in a well-hidden area such as the groin or inner thigh (depending on the type of procedure being performed). The surgeon will then use this incision to remove excess skin according to the patient’s aesthetic goals. Liposuction may also be used to remove stubborn fat from the thigh area. Once the desired smooth and slimmer appearance has been achieved, the surgeon will close the incision sites using sutures. Bandages will be placed to cover the incision sites, and a special garment will be applied that should be worn for 4-6 weeks to shape your results. Upon completion of the surgery, Dr. Arroyo’s team will monitor you for a while before you are allowed to go home to continue with recovery.

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Dr. Arroyo’s Sedation Method

During thigh lift surgery, Dr. Arroyo utilizes a unique sedation method referred to as Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA) Sedation. TIVA requires less intravenous sedation and is free from common general anesthesia side effects, including nausea, vomiting, and pain. One of the key benefits is that TIVA also allows patients to breathe without intubation during surgery. Throughout the entire process, patients are closely monitored by Dr. Arroyo’s team, as safety is always the number one priority.

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Thigh Lift FAQs

Does a thigh lift help with stretch marks and cellulite?

How long will my results last?

Is there a non-surgical option?

Can I combine a thigh lift with other procedures?

Will there be scarring?

How much is a thigh lift?

Does a thigh lift help with stretch marks and cellulite?

A thigh lift is a great procedure choice for individuals looking to improve their legs’ overall appearance. This procedure entails removing excess skin and stubborn fat on your legs, which helps improve the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. If you have concerns about stretch marks, make sure to let Dr. Arroyo know before the surgery so he can keep this in mind during the treatment.

How long will my results last?

While a thigh lift gets rid of excess skin and stubborn fat from your legs, it does not prevent new fat and skin from forming. Dr. Arroyo advises his patients to take good care of their bodies – through a controlled diet and plenty of exercise – to have long-lasting results from this treatment. Many patients who stay healthy with regular exercise can maintain their results for years.

Is there a non-surgical option?

Non-surgical options are available for patients looking to achieve mild improvements in their thighs’ appearance. Keep in mind that surgery is the only way to attain a lasting result if you have significant loose skin or fat pockets in this area. Make sure to discuss the pros and cons of surgical and nonsurgical thighplasty techniques with Dr. Arroyo during one of your consultation visits.

Can I combine a thigh lift with other procedures?

A thigh lift may be combined with other procedures such as tummy tuck or butt lift to achieve a comprehensive lower body lift. It is also possible to combine your thigh lift with procedures targeting other areas such as an arm lift to suit your cosmetic goals. During one of your pre-op consultations with Dr. Arroyo, the surgeon will help create a treatment regimen that squarely addresses all your needs and concerns.

Will there be scarring?

Scarring is inevitable following a surgical procedure. However, Dr. Arroyo makes sure to conceal scars along fold lines or areas where they are properly hidden. More so, the surgeon will let you know how to care for your incisions and scar sites to ensure improvements over time.

How much is a thigh lift?

Thigh lift costs can vary, but most patients can expect to pay between $6,000 and $9,000. Health insurance companies typically do not cover thigh lifts because it is considered an elective cosmetic procedure (and not a medical necessity). During your initial thigh lift consultation with Dr. Arroyo, the surgeon’s team will provide a cost estimate so you can arrange for financing.

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