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Buccal Fat Removal Houston TX

Fat accumulates in the cheeks due to weight gain, genetics, and lifestyle factors. This may result in a ‘chubby cheek’ appearance that is associated with children, making you feel more conscious about your facial appearance. Buccal fat removal is a plastic surgery procedure to get rid of unwanted fat in the buccal pad (hollow area of the cheek). The goal is to reveal a sculpted cheekbone profile and natural facial structure.
West Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Arroyo performs buccal fat pad reduction to enhance his patients’ facial appearance. This plastic surgery procedure is ideal for restoring the slimmer and athletic facial profile that many men and women crave. Cheek removal surgery can be performed on adult patients of any age. Dr. Arroyo uses advanced surgical techniques and works with patients from West Houston, River Oaks, Katy, Memorial City, Bellaire, Spring, Pearland, Kingwood, Galena Park, Jacinto City, Sugar Land, Pasadena, Aldine, Cloverleaf, and surrounding TX areas.

Ideal Candidates for Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal – also referred to as cheek reduction – is a cosmetic procedure that aims to alleviate a ‘chipmunk’ cheek appearance by removing excess fat from the cheek hollows. You may be an ideal candidate for cheek fat removal surgery if you:

  • You are bothered by the appearance of your chubby or puffy cheeks
  • You wish to have a slimmer and better-defined face 
  • You have a stable weight and overall good health
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcome of this procedure 

The needs of different patients are unique. Cheek fat removal may be performed on both men and women at any age. Some people may choose to lose facial fat while in their 20’s while others may have this procedure in their 50’s. It all depends on the cause of your buccal fat accumulation, and your personal preferences. Dr. Arroyo will listen to your concern and let you know how to reach your aesthetic goals. 

Benefits of Cheek Reduction Surgery

Cheek fat removal plastic surgery is advantageous in many ways.

  • Improved facial profile – the key goal of this cosmetic procedure is to enhance your facial contour and profile. Many patients feel more comfortable and satisfied with their new-found facial appearance after undergoing this treatment. 
  • Permanent results – cheek reduction surgery is a permanent procedure. Once the fat is gone, it’s gone. For the best results, Dr. Arroyo recommends that you are close to your ideal weight goal before undergoing this treatment. 
  • Quick procedure with minimal downtime – this is a relatively quick procedure that can be completed in 30 minutes at Dr. Arroyo’s in-office operating room. There is minimal downtime as well and you will be able to resume activities almost right away. 
  • No visible scars – during surgery to remove cheek fat, incisions are placed from inside the mouth. This means there will be no visible scars resulting from this cosmetic treatment. 
  • Increased self-esteem – excess cheek fat can give you a ‘chubby’ and even child-like facial appearance. Cheek reduction plastic surgery alleviates this concern so you can feel more confident about yourself and improve your social interactions.

Your Cheek Reduction Consultation with Dr. Arroyo

During your West Houston buccal fat removal consultation with Dr. Christian Arroyo, you’ll get an opportunity to ask all the questions. The doctor will talk to you about your concerns and expectations from the procedure. Following a complete evaluation by Dr. Arroyo, a treatment plan will be outlined. The surgeon understands that the needs of different people are unique and thus follows an individualized approach with each patient. This first visit is an important opportunity to get to meet the surgeon in person and learn more about your cheek fat removal procedure.

Dr. Arroyo’s Procedure Approach

Cheek buccal fat removal is performed on an outpatient basis at Dr. Arroyo’s office or accredited surgical facilities. The surgeon’s anesthesiologist will apply local anesthesia in order to ensure your comfort and safety during the treatment. Dr. Arroyo will then make an incision inside your cheek and apply pressure to the outside of your cheek in order to expose the buccal fat pad. The surgeon will remove the entire buccal fat pads, or at least part of them, with the goal of maintaining symmetry. Incisions will then be closed using dissolvable stitches. You will be monitored in Dr. Arroyo’s observation room before you are allowed to go home to continue with recovery.

Recovery after Cheek Reduction Surgery

Shortly after your cheek removal procedure, you will be given a special mouthwash that helps prevent infections. Dr. Arroyo will also provide post-operative care instructions and prescribe pain medication. Mild discomfort, pain, swelling, and slight bruising are common within the first few days but usually disappear with time. Cold packs may be used to improve the soreness. If you have stitches in your mouth, they usually dissolve within 10 days. Most people are however able to return to their routine schedule within 7 days based on the kind of work they do. It may be up to 4 months before you are fully recovered, depending on your body’s healing ability. Dr. Arroyo’s office will be available throughout the recovery duration to answer your questions and provide the support you need.

Non-surgical Buccal Fat Removal

Some patients who need cheek reduction wish to avoid the downtime associated with surgery. While buccal fat removal non-surgical alternatives will not remove excess fat, they can help address visible aesthetic issues caused by the buccal fat. 

  • Dermal fillers – injectable dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane can lift sagging skin caused by buccal fat, as well as improve your lower face contour. Unlike surgery (which is permanent), treatment with dermal fillers lasts for only 6 to 12 months. 
  • Facial muscle relaxers – this is another injectable approach that uses BOTOX, Dysport, or other muscle relaxers. This method is usually only recommended for addressing cheek fullness caused by underdeveloped jaw muscles. 

Planning your Cheek Buccal Fat Removal 

Fat pad reduction and removal procedures cost between $2,000 and $4,000 based on the extensiveness of the procedure, and type of anesthesia used. This procedure may be performed alone or in concert with other facial rejuvenation treatments. Health insurers typically do not pay for cheek reduction surgery because it is considered to be an elective cosmetic procedure. Dr. Arroyo’s staff will provide an all-inclusive quote that includes the surgeon’s fees, facility fee, anesthesia costs, and any supplies that may be needed. The surgeon performs cheek fat reduction procedures at his ultra-modern operating room in Houston TX. He is supported by a team of highly skilled and licensed staff. 

Buccal Fat Removal FAQ

Is Buccal Fat Reduction for Me?

Cheek reduction plastic surgery may be performed on adult patients of any age. Dr. Arroyo will listen to you and let you know whether this procedure is best suited for you. The surgeon does not recommend buccal fat removal for patients with a narrow face who may be susceptible to sunken cheeks as they age. Individuals who are older or have progressive hemifacial atrophy may not be ideal candidates for this treatment as well.

When Will I See Results?

Results are typically instant following cheek fat removal surgery. However, it may take weeks for the swelling and redness to dissipate, and even months for the final outcome to manifest. Dr. Arroyo will ask that you take good care of your treatment site and take it easy during recovery in order to ensure the best procedure outcome. The results of this procedure are permanent. You do not have to worry about visible scarring after cheek reduction surgery.

Can Buccal Fat Removal be Combined with Other Procedures?

Cheek reduction plastic surgery may be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, blepharoplasty, midface lift, neck lift, and even chin augmentation. Following your initial consultation at Dr. Arroyo’s office, the surgeon will listen to your concerns and create a comprehensive treatment plan to yield the results you are looking for.